Aunty Julie began dancing at the age of 4 with San Francisco's Hula instructor Nelani Rogers. There she learned her basics and formed many hula sister and hula aunty bonds with many people that some are now also currently teaching throughout the bay area.


As a teen she was invited to perform with a professional Polynesian Dance Troupe, Spirit of Polynesia under the directorship of Kimo and Jill Moane Keala Baird. Their lineage of showmanship came directly from Dances of the Pacific's Betty Lei'ala Hughs and Tiare Clifford's Tiare Otea. There she gained vast knowledge of hula sisterhood, teamwork, showmanship, and traditional hula and tahitian steps. Through these experiences she was able to perform at 49er half times, corporate events and cruises. She had the opportunity to learn from Makau Foster DeCuleviere, Aunty Roiti Silva and Aunty Nona Beamer. She has competed and choreographed as a soloist and in group with succesful placements in various catagories throughout the years.


In her late 20's aunty was requested to assist in teaching the ballerina's at WSPA, Daly City in proper Tahitian technique. This gave her the confidence and courage to step into her teacher's shoes.


In her late 30's aunty was blessed with the opportunity to acheive her uniki rites ceremonied through Kumu Hula Sybil Pruett from Waikoloa, HI to continue teaching in the love and light of the Islands. We represent her lineage as well as Jill Baird's. But we continue to be blessed with guidance from Aunty Sybil and teach with her belief... "As long as you teach from a place of LOVE and give all the gratitude to God and his angels for our blessings, gifts and opportunities."

In her mid 40's aunty was blessed with the opportunity to meet Lyntina and Laetitia Perry of Ragikura. They have decided to take Tehani under their wings. We are ambassadors of her culture and are blessed to learn from Ragikura. We are excited and eager to learn from them!


Uncle Mike has been blessed to learn drumming from Uncle Tennyson Lum, Jay Medieros, Sam Almiera, Aaron Sencil, and Mark Adam all amazing bay area Tahitian Drummers! We are truly grateful for those times well spent jamming on the drums together and sharing the knowledge with us. Aunty Julie is very grateful to have attained certificates from Le Grande Ballet (via Aaron Sencil), The Conservetoir of Tahiti in Papeete and Waikiki Hula Conferences.


OUR MISSION is to provide a place to learn MANA'O and it's MANA from the islands. To share it's light. We are not a competitive group as the bay area is fierce. But we are a performing group that assists our sister halaus Tiare O Te Ao, Hercules and Rahiti, SSF in their competition pieces as needed. Many opportunities for a Tehani/Kahealani Dancer... We'd love to have you dance with us!




Assistant Teacher Malia
Malia is very sweet kind and patient with the children of Tehani. She is very skilled and graceful in her craft and has recently co-choreographed the award winning Tamari'i Otea Merced 2018. She has placed in various solo/group performances and looks forward to creating more pieces for Tehani. What she enjoys most is being a big sister mentor to all the little Tehani blossoms we are blessed with that walk through our doors. She aspires to travel to different countries to share her mana'o of dance.
Assistant Teacher Jazzy
Jazzy assists in teaching the Tehani Troopers of our school. She specializes in Ori Tahiti and Hip Hop and dances with ReDefine Dance. Much of her dance skills is influenced with this cross training of dance. She takes pride in pushing the dancers to reach their individual bests. She has placed in various solo and group presentations. Jazzy aspires to travel the world to teach Hip Hop one day like Isabelle Capitul her inspiration.

Ballet with Mayosh

I’ve had a long term love affair with dance since I was 5 years old.  I started with ballet when I was a little girl, then moved to jazz and street dance in high school, then decided to minor in dance in college where I was immersed in ballet, jazz and contemporary dance.  I also reconnected with my Filipino roots in college and became heavily involved with performing and teaching Filipino Cultural dance throughout college and for several years after. 


After I got married and had my first child, I took a long hiatus from dance, but I couldn’t stay away.  By chance, I happened upon a coupon for a free hula class at Tehani, so I decided to give it a try.  From that very first class, I was hooked!  I started dancing with Auntie Julie, and not too long after, Auntie Julie asked me to “fill in” as the beginner ballet teacher while she looked for a permanent teacher.  I ended up teaching ballet and later jazz at Tehani for the next 6 years!  I took the last couple of years off, but I’m thrilled to be back and can’t wait to see the next crop of little Tehani ballerinas! 


I strongly believe that learning technique within the structure and discipline of ballet will help our hula girls learn grace, poise and confidence that will make them better overall dancers and performers.  Trust that I will love and nurture every single girl that comes through my class as if they are my own! 

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